Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bedrock Bottom Neighbors Support Laura

It seems that every neighborhood got the mailer from Laura that she was endorsed by their neighbors. That created lots of comments over on the Richardson Politics Facebook page. It also motivated some people to have a little bit of extra fun.

A funnier aspect to the latest mailing by the Laura Maczka campaign seem to be some people taking a little creative liberties and photo shopping some of the mailers. More than a few have been sent to me.

But far and away, this was the funniest of the bunch. It seems some neighbors in Bedrock Bottom got their own mailer as well:


  1. In the flyer for our neighbor she mispelled the name using "Crowly Park" instead of "Crowley Park". I went as far as looking for the neighbor supposedly quoted --- aka "George Human".

  2. Our flyer said Cottonwood Heights. What troubled me was "Laura supports tearing down the run-down apartments in our area". And then what. What happens to all the folks living in those apartments; the little kids in their uniforms waiting for the bus or the parents walking them to school. I wish I knew......

  3. Our's said

    "Laura understands the need to support the revitalization efforts going on in our neighborhood".

    "Laura will address the aging retail on Arapaho".

    "Laura will support our new Crime Watch program"

    We do not have a neighborhood association anymore. But I guess our neighborhood is one she does not like. We HAVE to revitalize it because she does not like it, I guess. Or maybe the unequal expenditures by neighborhood may come back into balance and they will spend on real needs over the giant entry feature we have. I keep expecting Canyon Creek to get an even bigger one, but that would be hard to do!!


  4. Nasty wins again in Richardsin!

  5. Wait a minute Richardson voters!!!! Laura didn't win the Mayoral race. What were you thinking?

    CHUCK EISEMANN IS OUR NEW MAYOR and his six puppy dogs will sit and stay whenever he says.


  6. @3:04PM

    Who cares where they go. They are undesirable.

    Oh sorry.... was channeling Coalition there for a second.

  7. Watch for the next announcement. City of Richardson lets Garland annex all property south of Campbell and east of Bowser. In exchange for ... well, not having to put up with the inconvenience of dealing with the undesirable 'eastsiders'.

  8. I wonder if the person that photo shopped the cartoon figures has approval of the creaters? It is a serious violation.

  9. May 13, 2013 at 5:25 PM, may you should go and find out. Let me know once you do. :0)