Monday, April 8, 2013

Wasting Some Fuel on a Sunday Drive

Sunday, after breakfast, I decided to take a drive through a few neighborhoods looking for Amir and Laura signs.

Throughout the Cottonwood Heights area the Amir signs outnumbered the Laura signs by more than a 2-1 ratio.

Going north the ratio got closer to 1:1. Going east to the other side of the freeway Amir sign outnumbered Laura signs by about 2:1. The Amir signs also have the edge on Beltline from Plano to Coit.

Just across from Heights Elementary on Beltline there are 3 homes with 5 signs, 3 for Amir and 2 for Laura.

On Dumont near Cottonwood Creek there is also one house that has three big Laura signs.

If for nothing else, the mayor’s race is helping to expand the local economy with the number of signs being purchased. I don’t know in which city each campaign purchased its signs, but sure wish it could have been a Richardson company.

The signs don’t tell the whole story. There are probably many people who don’t have a clue about who the candidates are and what their positions on the issues happen to be. The candidates, both, appear to be doing everything they can to reach everyone who would listen. Amir’s grass roots campaign appears to be making more contact than does aura’s campaign. It would surprise me if this election were landslide one way or another. I suspect it will be very close and separated by only 100’s of votes instead of 1000’s.


  1. We did a block walk for Amir in Canyon Creek this weekend. I expected to find very few Amir supporters in Laura's back yard, but quite a few people said "I"m going to vote for him" (I didn't have to pitch anything. They had already made up their mind.) It's just that many of them don't want his sign in their yards. They want to remain "closet" supporters ;)

    Our neighbor removed Laura's sign from his yard. I'm going to find out why.

  2. Mr. Chenoweth:

    I thought you had excellent questions for the mayoral candidates. It would be difficult for them to ignore answering them. It will be interesting to see how substantive their answers are.

    Your questions would be equally valuable being asked of those running for Council seats. They are unnopposed, but why not ask them to get their answers on record as well? It would be interesting if their answers differed in content since their dependence on management providing answers to questions is not uncommon.

    And you might want to ask another question. Other cities' management utilizes meetings at their respective City Halls for business purposes. There are very few meals purchased and those that are are under strict control. Richardson management has a history and culture of having the City pay for - on a city credit card - meals three times a day, including other individuals. Do you feel this is a prudent use of taxpayer funds? (That there is not "other time" to conduct "City business" is NOT an answer. This kind of thing has become an accustomed culture that needs to be ended.)