Sunday, April 28, 2013

Unfortunately for Laura, the Video Does Not Lie


A few days ago the Amir Omar campaign sent out a mailer quoting Laura’s Maczka comments at the April 9th Tea Party forum. He claimed she said “We are now an inner city.” Some have tried to discount this quote as being taken out of context.
The Laura Maczka campaign then sent out an email with the header “Alert! You will not believe what Omar said about Laura…” The email then goes on to say:

 “You won’t believe this. In it, he claims that, at an April 9th candidate forum, Laura said Richardson is nothing more than an “Inner City. ” He also claimed that Laura wants more apartments crowding our neighborhoods…”
Apparently Laura Maczka and her political consultant didn’t view the video of that forum. The quote from the Amir Omar campaign is exact. The sentence Laura says next pretty much confirms that it was a deliberate statement on her part and the quote was not taken out of context. Laura’s next sentence is “We are no longer the suburb to the north.”
It is apparent that she was quoted accurately and in context. In her email she tried to mislead people into thinking that she really meant “inner ring suburb”.
The topic of apartments also was included in the email. In the email Laura claimed this :
“When it comes to apartments, you know that Laura has always said we do not need more apartments near our neighborhoods. Period.”
Once again it seems Laura is unable to correctly recall what she is actually saying. Here is her exact quote from the April 9th Tea Party forum:
“The demographics are going to demand that we make the changes. I think one of the biggest areas we are going to see the changes is definitely going to be in housing. You know that word multi-family is something that is hard to swallow. And so I think more and more as we have lower economics folks moving in we are going to be able to have more affordable housing”.
Laura then moves on to “Where is this ‘Inner City’ comment coming from”. It seems very clear to me where this comment is coming from: It is coming from Laura Maczka’s own words. It is not being made up. It is not being taken out of context. They are words from her own mouth.
It seems she is leader the ways of the Richardson Coalition’s way. Distract, mislead and put the blame elsewhere, anywhere but where it belongs, on herself.
Laura is a disarming, charming and endearing person. She is very likeable. I wanted to vote for her initially rather than Amir Omar. The decision to definitely not vote for her came when the Richardson Coalition said they were going to wait until after the filing deadline to make a choice on who to endorse. Shortly thereafter, the leadership of the Richardson Coalition or Laura herself sent out an email stating she was running for mayor using the database of emails that the Richardson Coalition has collected over the years.
Laura Maczka has made several tactical mistakes through the campaign, some little, some small. In my opinion, her biggest tactical mistake came when the Richardson Coalition sent out their Senior voters’ guide making what they already knew we false accusation again Amir Omar about using bankruptcy to evade paying back his student loans, claiming he was a akin to a deadbeat dad for not paying child support on time and claiming the Attorney General was forcibly garnishing his wages from the city of Richardson, even though they knew none of this to be true. Laura also knew none of that was true and even help propagate the lies of the Richardson Coalition.
She had an opportunity to be a true leader and stand up for a wrong. Rather than showing leadership and confront the falsehoods with condemnation, she help propagate them.
The latest emails have had a high school type header to them. It make her seem more of a gossip type person than an adult leader.
In the closing to her email she state “Omar is trying to scare voters”. From my perspective, Amir was completely honest about what he claimed. It is Laura who is trying to scare voters away from Amir Omar with dishonesties stated in her latest email.
View the video and make your own choice as to who is telling the truth.

Laura's You Won't Believe It Email

Amir Omar's Latest Mailer


  1. What was shocking to me was not Laura's "inner city" remark, but this: "And so I think more and more as we have lower economics folks moving in we are going to be able to have more affordable housing”.

    Why are "lower economics folks" moving in if they can't afford housing in Richardson??? If you create more affordable housing, i.e. apartments, then you'll attract more of those folks. Is that what citizens of Richardson want?

    Richardson was conceived as a middle-class suburb, but someone somewhere decided it was a good idea to introduce apartments into the housing mix. If it's a huge metropolis like Dallas, then you may be obligated to offer affordable housing, but does Richardson have that obligation?

    People on a budget look for affordable housing across city borders. For instance, many people work in Richardson and live in Garland. What's the big deal? If they live in the RISD area of Garland, their kids can still go to the RISD.

  2. Sometimes people say things they later wish they hadn't said, especially in a political campaign. When those words are quoted back to them, there is always the urge to deny they were said or were taken out of context. That works when just personal memories are relied on.

    It appears Ms. Maczka's email was to convince voters to have the same selective memory she has about just what she said, or didn't say.

    But denial never works if there is a televised record of the remarks in question, as there is in this case.

  3. I really want the city to explain. They're so anti-SFH rentals (to the extent that many seem to want to drive all the rentals out of the city), but they welcome apartments??? Why is that? They love big investors, but not small, individual investors? Each of us, a small investor, invests tens of thousands of dollars on each property, but we're investing millions of dollars in aggregate.

  4. Maczka's argument was she never said what was on the front of the Omar mailer. I heard from the tape she did say it. The McCalpin like arguments by another Richardson blogger (who had no access to the total tape made at the time) make no sense. Especially when the entire tape is played.

    Enough of this, "he said" "she denied" stuff.

    Whose ideas and visions should we look to in deciding for whom we should vote for mayor?

    My choice is one who advocated direct election of our mayor, not who made the motion to kill discussion on mayoral election. My choice is one who proposed our entire city activities should be examined for savings, who proposes cooperation with the RISD for mutual savings, who advocates investment in single family housing improvements rather than giving 10 year grants and abatementws to huge multi story apartments that will burden police, fire, and water considerations today and become the dilapidated crime ridden structures that exist today on Spring Valley, and those the previous commenter spoke about in Chicago and Detroit in years to come.

  5. From what I heard, Public and Private money will be used for the apartments. The public looses either way. The city council, who supports Laura, does not like small investors. Rental Inspections

    I’d still like to know who at the city is giving the coalition our email addresses?? I get double the propaganda from the RC now. That’s how they collected the email database over the years. Someone is donating our city email addresses to the RC.

  6. Lies and denial seem to work pretty good in this town. The truth is near impossible to determine when the culprits disguise paid political advertisements as factual information. Just goes to show you can buy anything these days. Sadly, the frail minded, impressionable seniors are most exploited by these tactics.

    Today is the start of early voting. As the last day approaches, watch for the propaganda receptions with free refreshments/meals and free bus rides to the polls sponsored by the Coalitionist Party.

    They cannot persuade our old folk to vote for them with their track record, but they can sure fool them with an endless stream of fat whopper lies. Add candy, shiny beads, trinkets, a pep talk, and an exciting joy ride to the polls and they're putty in their hands.

    Unfortunately, that's all it takes to get people who good at telling lies elected to public office.

    Let's hope the Holy Spirit comes upon these good souls and guides them to choose wisely.

  7. The ghosts of Apartments past, present and future clink their chains, demanding to be heard...

  8. that's the video I was looking for to put on Richardson politics..... oldy and moldy....

  9. so happy that here we are, and Laura Macska is literally going to prison on federal conspiracy charges. people who didn’t see straight through her and her discriminatory practices are pathetic