Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The High Road, 4 Way Test and a Legal Action Pending

The Richardson Coalition might have bitten off more than it bargained for as Laura Maczka embraces the Richardson Coalition's latest attempt to scare seniors and help spread misinformation. Things are about to get more interesting and intense.

An answer to the Richardson Coalition’s misinformation has finally come out from the Amir Omar campaign. The lack of specifics probably will make it more ominous than anything we have seen before in Richardson politics. An unpleasant take-down seems to be headed the Richardson Coalition’s way. It might be headed the way for the Laura Maczka campaign too as it seems she had prior notice that the Richardson Coalition claims were not true and a misrepresentation of fact.

Here is the letter sent out just a little bit ago by the Amir Omar campaign.



The 4 Way Test

Rotary Clubs around the world encourage a 4 way test as a way to make good decisions "of the things we think, say, or do". It consists of 4 questions we recite at the end of each meeting: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

More than a month ago I asked my opponent (a fellow Rotarian) to join my pledge to keep this campaign on the issues vs personal attacks, because our City deserved it. She never responded.

Last week, Richardson residents were appalled by the total disregard for decency or truth by the Richardson Coalition Senior Guide. I again asked my opponent to show her leadership by stating publicly that she disapproves of the dishonest personal attacks taken. This time she responded - by doubling down on a coordinated effort to smear me by using a selective manipulation of the facts.

Despite a cease and desist letter sent last week explaining the truth to our opponent, she's chosen to continue to escalate her libelous tactics. Instead of giving voters a positive campaign, Laura Maczka has embarrassed our community with lies and dirty tricks, even targeting my children.

I love my children with every ounce of my being.   I will simply and clearly state again that their allegations are absolutely false. The facts are that I have never been late on child support payments, agreed to have all payments auto drafted from my paycheck, and never attempted to avoid paying my student loans.

In order to substantiate their false and defamatory claims, Laura Maczka and her Richardson Coalition have selectively manipulated the facts. They have used a divorce settlement balance and represented it as "late child support", and took agreed upon auto drafts from the Order and represented them as being forcibly garnished. They also took a list of debts and represented the listing of student loans as a discharge of that debt. In addition, I have affidavits from the parties involved that these accusations are 100% false. To protect my name and my family, I have no choice but to seek further legal action against my opponent. I tried, but there is sadly no other way to stop this.

The big question is why would my opponent do this? It doesn't pass the 4 way test in any way, so why? The goal of these desperate tactics is to confuse senior voters and to divide our community. That's what makes this so despicable. Instead of advocating for our great city, my opponent has chosen political self-preservation at the expense of my family and our community.

These attacks don't help us reduce crime, they don't strengthen our neighborhoods, and they don't help our local schools. Despite the mudslinging, I am going to stay on the high road.

That's why you will see me continue to be focused on the issues and advocating for ways we can improve our great City through our new television ads. Let's rally together, focus on the issues important to your family -- and mine -- and let's keep Richardson the ideal place for all to call home.

Empower Our Positive Solutions Oriented Message

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Caring about our City means focusing on the issues that would help make it even better. Let's do exactly that together and win this race!

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  1. Richardson Rotary has a fat lip and a black eye over this race. One Rotarian upholds the values and principles of Rotary. The other Rotarian treats values and principles as a joke.

    I quit Richardson Rotary because of I did not want to be consorting with the many members known for underhanded behavior, or the club leaders who ignore it.

    If Richardson Rotary truly upheld the Rotary creed, the club would be cut in half because of members failing The Four-Way Test.

    Hypocrisy marks the character of Laura Maczka for not denouncing the lies and distortions about Amir Omar made by her fellow Rotarians and Coalitionist Party members.


    Hiding behind the good name of Rotary to perpetrate ill-will in a political race.

    This is yet another example of how the good people of Richardson have been duped by a small group of evil-doers who have hi-jacked the community and the throws of power.

  2. Councilman Omar should add Lisa and Scott Dunn to the mix. They have been virtually the "Town Criers" on this issus.

  3. So the shankster behind all those anonymous mailings over the years that contained personal information about people they didn't like must have been at the hand of the Chuckster himself. That figures. There are not too many people who have a reputation for behaving that badly. But, old Chuckles right there at the top of the list. All that human resource management training he got at T.I., and how to use it to invade personal privacy and destroy good people with rumour and innuendo seems to have paid off in his quest to control this little fiefdom.

  4. Anywhere else, a guy like Eisemann would be run out of town on a rail. Here in Richardson, we put his name in lights. Is there any way to correct that mistake? I think there has been a serious fraud perpetrated on the public here.