Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The DMN Endorses Laura Maczka

From the DMN:

“…It’s telling that every former mayor and every council member who now serves with the two candidates endorse Maczka, 48, over Omar, 41. That provides a glimpse at which candidate inspires trust and how their leadership abilities are regarded inside City Hall… Public bodies often benefit from a person willing to push against the grain. The question is whether that person best serves a city as the guiding force on the council.”

Score one for the good ole boy club with this endorsement. While there has been progress on transparency, it would not have happened without Amir. Before Amir was elected to the council, city staff looked at televising the meetings and came to the conclusion it would cost too much. He pointed the way and lead showing them how to televise the meetings, use the internet for meeting documents as well as many other things. Also when he was elected social media was looked at as a joke for keeping the public informed. Now all of the council members use social media.

The old guard did see a need for these types of changes. They resisted these types of changes. The old guard didn’t see a need to be more transparent. The old guard types are the ones the DMN points our support Laura. Why does using the old guard endorsements as a basis for endorsing Laura make sense?

As for using the current council members endorsement and implying their inability to work with Amir if elected, that was nuts. It implies the current council members would act in a juvenile manner if they didn’t get what they want.

Amir wants to evaluate how Richardson’s management team compares to other cities and has met resistance from other council members. Plano has 3 times the population, 5 times the land area and has a city manager and two deputy city managers. Richardson has a city manager, deputy city manager and three assistant city managers. Richardson likes to compare itself to other cities as a way of justifying their actions. The point seems to be missed at the DMN.

Bottom line, the DMN seems to be endorsing the view of “let’s keep the status quo”.


  1. Let's see. Laura gets liberal biased media to go with Coalitionist Party endorsement. That fits. No surprise here. DMN is an irrelevant, predictable publication that has editors who have been Eisemann suck-ups for a long time. Has anybody seen a DMN reporter at a forum? The "paper" is talking out of its anal orifice by pretending its opinion is meaningful.

  2. Really? "Cities exist to provide services", Laura says. Government exists to manage the public resources, primarily to do those things individuals cannot do, not deal in political favors.

    The prime example is public utilities; water, sewer, roads. In order to have money to pay for these items, taxes were required. In order for a municipality to levy taxes, it must first have a standing police force and fire department. So, add public safety to the list of things for which cities exist. Borrowing money to finance roadways became the quickest way to get the job done. With bond money in the bank to pay for the roads, tax revenues began to pile up in the face of people who decided, instead of banking it for the next road, came up with lots of new and exciting things to spend it on.

    Now, we find ourselves in the endless cycle of debt, borrowing to paint road stripes and water towers, while sewers, water lines, roads, sidewalks and alley ways crumble, and utility poles bend with age. All, because previous Councils decided to start dealing in "services" with the maintenance money.

  3. Didn't realize Rodger Jones lived here in Richardson. He and Laura had kind of a magic moment over TxDOT, so this endorsement makes sense to me now. He also obviously lives in North Richardson because bike lanes in my neighborhood along Waterview are always in use.

  4. There is some merit in that Amir pushed for transparency on council, but I call 100% BS on the social media part. Nearly Every member of the US congress has come on twitter in the same period 'the rest of council has'. Saying Amir led to them being on twitter is like saying Amir led the rest of council to get smartphones simply because he had one first. Amir was quick to join twitter before it became a major source, but jumping to new technology before it is proven isn't always the greatest idea (see QR codes, laserdisks, 3D TV, etc.).

  5. After listening to this a couple of times, I have a big question on both of them. Especially Laura. This whole agenda on these massive developments and mass transit is being shoved down our throats. Never mind that the traffic is a problem already. So there is a study on 75 one more time. Old news.

    Seriously, Laura, you are taking into consideration your 16 year old who never wants a car? Your son may say that now, but it will change. This city is not setup to be NYC. Highly dense living is not what the current citizenry want, nor why many people live in Richardson.

    Both of you are on the high density bandwagon. The greatest obstacle to this is one thing. Water. If you continue to push these big developments you will force the revitalization of the neighborhoods via extinction. Maybe that is the plan.

  6. Ryan Tarely, how come you aren't repeating your comment you put on Amir's FB page last night? If it's true, you should stick with it. If not, it sounds like slander. Are you a Coalitionist? Seems like you're really stretching to find a way to criticize Amir.

  7. OK I know some of you like staying twisted into your bizarre selective rationalizations for Amir but it is time for another daily intellectual honesty check.

    Check #1: Not more than a few days ago you guys were here trumpeting endorsements. Now that Laura Mazcka has likely the most important one - one that is not a special interest - it is irrelevant. geez. So now endorsements don't matter? Just pick a position.

    Check #2: Because the DMN editor may not live in Richardson his opinion is discounted. How many of Richardson's first responders' special interest group OR special interest MetroTex realtors actually live in Richardson? I'll wait for your answer on that one.

  8. Interesting the emphasis on endorsements and the different spin attached to them by those favoring each candidate.

    Is one candidate "better" because "XYZ", "QED", or some other group supports that candidate?

    Will the number of endorsements or who is giving those endorsements change the way a citizen votes?

    Endorsements probably play some part in election decisionmaking, especially for those who may not be as informed as they might be about the issues of the campaign. What should really matter is what each voter personally thinks of the leadership a candidate has shown - or has not shown - on past issues affecting taxpayers, and what answers they give to questions on how they will act on taxpayer's issues in the future. Check back on past televised archived work sessions and Council meetings. We're substantive questions asked about management proposals that affected taxpayers? Who asked them? More importantly, who did not? Inform yourself.

    One thing is very clear - your vote counts. Are you going to take the effort to make your own informed decision, or are you going to allow others to make it for you?

  9. I would submit that there are endorsements that carry merit and some that do not.

    For example, a real estate group endorsement connects with a candidate's positive impact on a very important sector of the economy.

    A fire and safety endorsement connects with a candidates ability to understand and react to issues involving public safety.

    A local newspaper endorsing a candidate is curious and really has little appreciable value to the community, except for its ability to shape public opinion through its reputation as the only (liberal) newspaper in the territory.

    And, an endorsement from a special interest PAC known for underhanded behavior is priceless.

    So, I ask, who has the endorsements of the community that represent the values and principles to which Richardson aspires?

  10. The DMN made the point of her endorsement by the other council members as a big mark in her favor. But if she and her patrons have the best interests of the city at heart, why would the council members have lined up behind her, knowing that if Amir wins, this may make for a difficult relationship?

  11. If Amir is elected and the current Council can't be grown ups and work together, we should recall them all.
    The Coalitionists and staff can control Laura and they appear to be afraid that is not the case with Amir. Making up something and calling it true is counter productive.
    After reading all the RC posts regarding the direct election and then the one recently sent chastising Amir for using their endorsements from the past has unveiled an unappealing tone to Richardson.
    Does the Dallas Morning News make recommendations in every race around the metroplex?

  12. >we should recall them all.

    Another city council recall under the nose of Dan Johnson? SWEET!!

    >Does the Dallas Morning News make recommendations in every race around the metroplex?

    Yes, it does.

    A newspaper that is increasingly becoming irrelevant desperately trying to show that it still matters!

  13. >6 – On rental registration fees, they should be eliminated. This program violates a person right to privacy. The inspections are required within 30 days of a new tenant moving in. Are renters a lower class of citizens who do not deserve the same constitutional right as do home owners? This program is an abomination. Code enforcement will take care of problems. Adding the staff for rental inspection is just another financial burden on the taxpayers.<

    I'm so glad someone else believes this other than some of us landlords fighting inside and outside of court for the last 6 months!

    The program was conceived in 2003, under Keffler's initiative even though he said that the staff (smaller than now) was able to deal with 95% of the issues with existing codes! (See, the staff is bigger now and they've had to create more "issues"!!)

    In 2003 $161K was budgeted for hiring three new employees for the program. More inspectors have been hired. The program is not self-funded so the fee had to be increased from $50 to $75. (It's probably still not self-funded.)

    The current City Manager doesn't understand that under the ordinance tenants are already in the property by the time the landlord is required to schedule an inspection. (Many don't understand that some of us lease back to back with no vacancy. The property is always in the possession of a tenant.)

    He even lied by saying the prosecuted landlord didn't register his rental. He registered it in 2009 soon after he bought it and has renewed it every year since!

    >What I'm reading is you believe a vot for Amir is a vote to lay off rental inspecyors and at least one assistabt city manager (sic)

    That would be SWELL!! I hope citizens realize we're paying the rental inspector $50K/yr to find an unpainted old doggy door!!! (and accumulated dirt on the side walk!)

  14. >we should recall them all.

    Another council recall under the nose of Dan Johnson? SWEET!!

    >Does the Dallas Morning News make recommendations in every race around the metroplex?

    Yes, it does.

    A newspaper increasingly becoming irrelevant desperately trying to prove that it still matters!

  15. DMN seems to be attempting to make an issue of age. I've see a few mentions that Laura is 48 and Amir is 41. My curiosity is why does Laura look older than 48 and Amir younger than 41. Lifestyle perhaps?

    There is no question Amir is wise beyond his years, probably as a consequence of actually operating in an executive capacity. Laura, on the other hand, is still asking a whole lot of rudimentary questions like she's still in school trying to learn.

    If there was not so much public business conducted through private conversations in Richardson, the rest of us would not have to ask questions about what's going on.

    Many of the comments rookie Laura makes reveal the casual attitude with which some members of the governing body conduct public business in private conversations.

    Casual regard for the law is a sign of immaturity and lack of education. This is no time for a social promotion. We need a qualified leader with direction in his walk to take the city forward.

  16. Dallas Morning News is showing bias just as they did in the Direct Election campaign. You may not have seen it in the final story, but it was clear Minora had prior biases when she spoke to people about it. Go check the amount of advertising money paid to the DMN in a given year and you will see the "status quo" written all over it. Open disclosure of disbursements is useful.

    One other point. What ever happened to Ian McCann after he was let go with DMN?

    Mainstream media is not what it used to be.

  17. Believe Mr McCann went to work for the city in the "information" department. At more substantial salary, would be the surmise.

  18. Yes, he's there.

    (I thought Anon 2:52 PM was being sarcastic.)

    I guess he writes "Week in Review"?

  19. what is the information department?


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  21. That is some hefty salaries for 5 people. I bet McCann got a big raise from DMN.

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