Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Richardson City Council candidate Laura Maczka’s smear campaign is just sad

Things change. This morning I was going to start of the day having some fun with a conspiracy theory and will surely make the mark of target to be rebutted on the local rumor blog checker creator, or whatever you might want to call it. That will just have to wait a bit.

An item I see as more important is another letter to the editor bringing to light the bad acting out of the Richardson Coalition and Laura Maczka.


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Re: “Candidate protests ‘smear’ mail — Rival’s supporters list child support failure he denies,” Friday news story.
What a sad sack approach that Laura Maczka and her good friends at the Richardson Coalition have taken in the mayoral race. Maczka and her lackeys show their colors by broadcasting several misrepresentations of Amir Omar‘s finances and background. More ridiculous was Maczka’s weak sister attempt to try to distance herself from the Richardson Coalition.
If this is what could be expected from her as the mayor of a city of the caliber of Richardson, then she proves that she is absolutely unqualified for the position.
We need truth, civility and character from mayoral candidates, not old school gutterball tactics.
Joe Dobbs, Richardson
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  1. Clear, concise and honest. Could we ask for anything more from the people we elect to represent our best interests in public office?

    If you think deception, diversion, avoidance of truth and outright misrepresentation is good for Richardson, vote for the one who speaks with the forked tongue.

    Otherwise, vote for the good guy.