Thursday, April 11, 2013

Political Sign are Missing from All Over Town

Plano and Renner, for the time being, is free from what people no doubt consider eye pollution. It looks like the people farming the land took exception to the placement of about $800 worth of signs on the corner. They took down all of the signs. It looks like they may not be supporting any candidate this year.

So, while signs may be missing all over town and may be due to some underhanded dealings, we know for sure what happened to the signs at Renner and Plano, and theere was nothing under-handed to it.


  1. I'm laughing. The Coalitionist Party is doing their best to stir up the senior vote using their spam machine.

    If there's one thing the CDH law suit did, it was stop the clowns from abusing their access to the city's public resources through the Chamber of Commerce to push their agenda. Or did it?

    I guess the show isn't over yet. There is no depravity too low for the Coalitionist Party.

  2. I'm trying to see how a private landowner taking possibly unathorized signs from his property has ANYTHING to do with the Coalitionist Party. Some of you guys are so blinded by your hatred of the Coalition that you are perfectly willing to get in bed with one of their very own imports and creations - just because they like another candidate better now. Where were you guys 6 years ago when they invented your new Messiah?