Monday, April 29, 2013

Laura Gets a “Real” Endorsement from a Local Blogger

I have to admit, the last supposed independent blogger to write an endorsement for Laura made quite a hoot and gave . It turned out he was paid probably somewhere around $1,500 for that endorsement. When the financials come out we will know for sure.

This latest endorsement, however, is a “real” endorsement from a “real” blogger who probably “really” does supports who he considers is the best choice for mayor. Darn! No fun to be poked at that unless we later find out she secretly paid him for the endorsement. Then, funtime will begin again!


  1. Mark is usually a good indication of which side to vote against.

    I used to have to avoid his blog due to blood pressure reasons, but then I got medicated so I can actually go there without chest pains.

  2. This guy generally gets few to zero comments. Mostly just mccalpin. I have to laugh every time he chides DDH for not using her real name, but lets his buds get away with not using theirs.
    When he insisted laura's comments on Richardson being an "inner city", were taken out of context, I really got a chuckle. By now, he must have seen the video, but I imagine he is still arguing his points. He may be a local blogger, but not one of importance. DC, you will always be #1

  3. I agree with Anon @ 6:24 PM 120%!

  4. Mr. Steger poses some interesting questions and opinions on his blog. As a previous poster states here, Mr. Steger receives few comments on his blog. The aegis of so few posters has to be his insistance on full identification of commenters. For the purposes of generating a breadth of comment, unidentified commentary seems not only useful, but thought provoking. Other blogs who allow such comment provide opportunities between people of different opinions; personl identifications add nothing to their comments. They are what they are. A blog should not be as "choose your enemies" exercise.

    Fortunately for Mr. Steger, his choice for mayor protected him from suffering the negative consequences that seem to accrue to those who oppose the Coalition's choice(s).

  5. Poor little stinker. He runs a sectarian blog site that runs stories from homosexual high school gladiators to the latest liberal book that has gone to press. Somehow he has managed to be regarded as a conservative. Well, given the standard in Richardson, he could be.

  6. The reason I don't post on Mr. Steger's blog is not that it requires full identification, but that it's more like a lecture than a discussion. He is kind of a know-it-all and I don't think he is that knowledgeable. (And I'm not even a Republican!)

    Look at Richardson Politics on FB. There are many comments with full identification.

  7. In Steger's defense, he has gone after some of the shenanigans at City Hall. I really thought his declaration of Laura was decided long ago, but he knows for sure. lol He chomps on them every once in a while, but I just do not think he would side away from them. Though I do wonder what would have to happen to get him to sway away?

    And I find it most amusing there has to be a side. Citizens against the Council. Citizens against citizens because of the Council. What happened to all sides having representation? lol

    Only one side gets representation here.

    This is a most interesting race to me. And it really started with Alan's direct election campaign. What the Coalition accused the RCA, David,me and others as being negative, they have proved out so many times. I remember that whole orchestrated drama (other blogger I will never mention) played out at Greenwood Hills. The room was more Coalition and Council than regular people in the community. I am so glad I video'd that one too!! And all the dialog coming from various Council members and family.

    This shift has been amazing. One thing is for sure and has been confirmed. If they are not in CONTROL, they are going to cry abuse. The discussions among residents should not be policed by them. It is our city. Our Charter.

    Maybe I am too much of an idealist with realist tendencies. Atleast where the numbers are concerned. lol


  8. Mark reminds me of an NPR liberal know it all. It is hard to follow his rationalization at times. I don't post there because there is little to say about his views. You can argue with a person you consider to be a know-it-idiot, but it is best not to.