Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daylight Disappearing

When the race for mayor began, I had concerns about Laura Maczka and the ties that bind her and the Richardson Coalition. She said she was aware of people’s concerns about that and was using a different political consultant than the one the Richardson Coalition uses. That did not last very long apparently; they both use the same consultant now.

A few other people were concerned about the ties that bind her and Chuck Eisemann. Apparently she told them that after the election she was going to in effect tell him to stuff it. My response to one of my friends about that comment of hers was that it would be better for her to tell that to Chuck Eisemann before the election, not after.

After her email yesterday, the daylight between Laura and the Richardson Coalition (Chuck Eisemann) seems to have all but disappeared when she failed to condemn their attacks on Amir Omar. Instead, she seems to have embraced them.

Sharing the same political consultant makes it appear unlikely Laura be at odds and take a different track than the well-used trail of personal destruction the Richardson Coalition has taken since their chosen one lost the mayor’s throne back in 2007.

Like it or not, there appears to be no daylight between Laura, the Richardson Coalition supporters and Chuck. Laura denies the connections, and maybe she see that the connections are not strong. But as someone who really dislikes what the Richardson Coalition has done to some very decent people through the past few elections, the apparent lack of daylight between Laura and the Richardson Coalition guides me in a different direction.


  1. "Not sure if you hear this..."

    That sounds like the beginning of a gossip tell. She should be more thoughtful. Gezz.

  2. That Ft. Worth political campaign consultant has a long, tawdry history with the Republican Party in the area, and is the cause of much concern for the distasteful reputation it has brought to good Republicans.

    Dirty campaigns are only used by dirty politicians.

    Dirty politicians have no reservation about polluting any office they manage to occupy.

    It is reasonably obvious who the honest candidate is in the race for the Mayor's seat.

    Will the citizens make the right choice and vote for the good guy, or be tricked once again by the bad guys?