Friday, April 12, 2013

Campaign Finance Reports Are In

Lots of good information in the reports.

Both Laura Maczka and Amir Omar got money from Richardson, in state money, and out of state money.

But the big news is the number of donors and how they were listed. Amir listed every single donation, even the $1 donations. Laura did not list all of her under $50 donations. Had she listed them, there would have probably been a few surprises.

I have not counted yet, but I think Amir will have twice the number of donors as does Laura.

Also of interest is that Amir has raised more funds than Laura.

Both the total number of donors and the total contributions probably give Amir an edge in the mayor's race. It can hurt him to have those numbers.

For those who have nothing better to do, here are the reports:


  1. Unbelievable is right. But wait until the final reports are in AFTER the election. You will see money, people and places listed that you sure enough will not believe.

    The best I can understand is that the loyal RC hater robots hate 'having their mayor dictated by rich people in town' enough that they will submit to having their mayor selected by special interest money from outside town. Yeah, genius. Consider me solidly against the RC but FOR Laura.

  2. What would special interest from outside town want with Richardson and why are you so afraid of it? So much has been pushed away from Richardson for so many years the natural progression of growth has not happened. Really, what are you so afraid of in some diverse thinking that just might bring some wanted growth? Unintended consequences.

  3. What's "unbelievable" is that this "donors outside the city limits" discussion isn't mentioning the record of past elections.

    I'd suggest you take a close look at the reports Slagel, Murphy and a few other Coalitionist Party supporters who slipped into the seats with the help of out-of-towners.

    Maczka is probably the first in the string of culprits whose numbers are so low. Well, at least for the moment. Hide and watch. I suspect the story will change when/if all is said and done.

    BTW, if all your friends and supporters are from Richardson, just what does that say about your limitations, perception of the world and creative thinking resources?

    For those who don't get out much, the talking heads could trick you into believing Richardson is the cat's meow. Truth is, the Coalitionist Party has had a choke hold on progress and has allowed the treasury to be looted by their gang of cohorts.

    You don't have to travel far from the Dallas metroplex to see how messed up things are in Richardson.

  4. What's wrong with hating the RC? I've voted for most of their candidates but I also hate what they have done to elections. We have six uncontested places because of the RC. good people realize they would have to run against them and not the candidate. That is a shame because at least two and arguably three current council members are dreadful.

  5. How many of the "developers" who line the pockets of the Coalitionists live within the city limits. How many of the contractors who perform the municipal contracts reside in town? How many of the "research" organizations live here?

    Just what part of the "daytime population larger than the night time population" statement is unintelligible?

    The leaders of the resident big corporations don't live here. Don't be stupid.

  6. What's dreadful is the fact that good people have chosen not to get involved.

    There are many residents who could do a better job than the current gang holding power.

    The reality of the matter is that Richardson has a reputation for being a snake pit. And, the lifestyle requirements of good people do not include associating with people who behave badly. Why would anybody knowingly stick their head in a trash can unless they are looking for trash?

  7. Outside parties may have some legitimate interest in what happens in our city, and the practice of accepting outside donations certainly isn't limited to local races. It is reasonable to ask where the money is coming from because it reveals what sort of people and organizations are supporting a candidat. That will tell us at least a little something about how the candidate might be expected to govern. All of that aside, however you feel about outside donations, I think a more pressing question is whether the candidate is completely honest about where the money is coming from. If I recorded Omar's comments from the TEA Party forum correctly in my notes I would consider them dodgy but factually accurate based on the first comment here. Based on Maczka's disavowal of any PAC endorsements at the Canyon Creek forum right after the RC did just that doesn't give me any more confidence in her. She had to be prodded to admit it. Right now "none of the above" is an enticing though irresponsible option.

  8. The comments I remember Mr. Omar make at the TEA party forum was the he would show EVERY contributor. He followed through and listed EVERY contributor and where they were from.

    Some have complained about the amount of money Mr. Omar has gotten from outside the city. Accoring to my calculation Mr. Omar has gotten 13% of his money from out of state.

    Mr. Omar has received about 35% of his money outside Richardson but still in Texas, Dallas, Austin, Garland, Plano etc. This is a plus, I think. It shows he has regional support as well as support in Richardson.

    At least 52% of all his money comes from within Richardson.

    I think Mr. Omar walked the way he talked when it came to transparency. He listed ALL donations. The same can't be Said for Ms. Maczka. He wins on transparency.

    He support comes mainly from Richardson. Ms Maczka's supports also come from Richardson. Yet Ms. Maczka has only raised $34 from Richardson donors. And if you included the unnamed donor contributions as having come from Richardson, she still falls about $15,000 short of what Mr. Omar has raised.

    It seems also that Mr. Omar has more contributor and is more widely support in Richardson and around the area.

    Fund raising doesn't tell the whole story. There will probably be a big push to raise funds from the coalition types before this is over.

    I have watch Mr. Omar for the past several years. He amazes me at how hard he works and how energetic he is. This fund raising effort of his reinforces my belief that he is the right person for the job.

    I will be saddened to see Ms. Maczka off the council after all is said and done. She is the second best council person we have. She is not ready yet in my opinion.

  9. I agree with your last sentence April 15, 2013 at 11:28 AM