Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pledge to Avoid Personal Attack and Keep Above the Fray

Things will probably get more heated as the election season goes on. There have already been games with signs and a few other things.  

An email came out today from Amir Omar. He has offered a novel idea to help promote a good campaign. He sent out an email to his supporters and Laura Maczka making the challenge to keep the campaign above the fray and very publicly encourage supporters of both campaigns to do the same.

Here is the text of Amir’s email:


When it comes to this Mayoral race, leadership is more than just what one has accomplished on and off council and it is more than our vision for our City. Leadership can show in how we choose to campaign.

This mayoral election is the first in five decades. It is also a two-way race of experienced individuals with track records, competing policies, and separate visions. In a campaign for Mayor that I hope makes Richardson residents proud, I will elect to focus on policy, track record, and vision, and not personal attacks. Although we have already seen a large number of stolen signs, whisper campaigns, and even an anonymous negative hit blog, I pledge to avoid personal attacks or resorting to actions that would reflect badly on the City I love.

Today, I sent an email to my individual endorsers as well as the groups endorsing me, reinforcing what we already know – Richardson voters value and deserve a positive, issues-driven campaign. I have every confidence that my supporters will continue to make our City proud by focusing on what really matters – promoting solutions for efficient government, safe neighborhoods, a stronger economy, and even better schools.

I have also emailed my opponent to ask her consideration in joining my position on keeping this campaign above the fray by making an official pledge to refrain from personal attacks - as well as asking the same of the individuals and groups that support her. Regardless of her decision, you can count on me to continue to be a leader of principled policy and not mean spirited politics.

We have roots... Grassroots!

There is no greater honor you can give any campaign than your time or money. With 2 months remaining in the campaign, we have literally broken every local campaign record for volunteers and number of donors. Three weeks ago we announced breaking the record for number of donors and a little more than a week later, we doubled that figure!

From the start, we took a principled stand and championed your ability to have a voice in choosing your own Mayor. It is no wonder that you are now taking ownership of our campaign at unprecedented levels! Thank you for your confidence. You can count on my continued hands-on and principled leadership, as well as my unmistakable passion for Richardson.


Omar for Richardson

Amir Omar for Mayor · 300 Terrace Dr, #310A, Richardson, TX 75081, United States

You can also keep up with Omar for Richardson on Twitter or Facebook. 


  1. Expect the Richardson Coalition to fight dirty for the candidate they want. They know of no other way. Scumbags.

  2. As that is not a personal attack on Laura or Amir, I will let that one slide. I happen to agree with you for the most part on the RC organization.

  3. Now this will be quite fun to watch the Coalitionists and certain staff be something other than lying, coniving, manipulative and coersive. Very interesting.

  4. Am I the only who couldn't seee the text?

  5. anon 12:23, click on the "Read More" link at the bottom left of the article.

  6. Ridiculous. This is a cheap stunt. I recall President Obungle making some stupid starry eyed pledge that he would not go negative - and then did. Kind of like he swore he would never take corporate/lobby money - and then did - yet he beat up the GOP for the same. Some of you guys are so blinded by your hatred for the Coalition that you can't allow yourself to be intellectually honest.

    Repeat after me: Both sides will dispatch their respective whisper campaign thugs to get VERY nasty in this campaign - all while claiming how positive they will be. Buckle up, it's probably going to get rough.

  7. Anon 10:50

    So let me get this straight.

    Because you feel Obama said these things and didn't keep his pledge about these things (only one of which is relevant to running a positive campaign), then therefore Omar is pulling a cheap stunt. Talk about political non sequitur of the year. And then you call others intellectually dishonest?

    That is funny. I thought you were serious at first.

    The whisper campaigns have begun already my friend. I've been told that Omar is the anti Christ. I don't have to "hate the coalition" to realize the cheap shot crap I was hearing is beneath the dignity of this community.

    What I believe Omar is primarily highlighting is actual out in the open attacks. Those are coming. Frankly it will be sad if the coalition drags this into the mud.

    Can candidates in this election win on their record and by telling us why they are right for the job?

  8. Leadership??? One of the candidates is a puppet for a well organized group and the other has ridden on the coat-tails of the same 0rganization in past elections. I believe one of the individuals ran as a democrat in a primary election. Is this Republican country? I know rhis is a non-partisan election, but an election is what the candidates make of it. The background of one of the candidates looks similar to our current President (Volunteer Work and Non-Profit Organization Executive positions) which is described as business experience. I say bring on the mud as the voters do not have a clear choice for Mayor and neither have experience in herding cats.

  9. The punishment will continue until morals improve. We may have to wait for a few funerals. Hurray for the curmudgeons!

    We can only hope more principled people will join the church.