Monday, February 11, 2013

Glanton Looking for a Job

It seems Ronnie Glanton, the golf pro out at Sherrill Park, might still be looking for another job. He applied for the golf pro job at Royal Oaks Country club and didn’t even get an interview. They did hire another person for the job from the area.



  1. The assistant pro who got the job at Royal Oaks was Dean Lawson. Maybe Ronnie isn't as good as the city critters think he is, or maybe Royal Oaks knew Ronnie was the golf pro who ruined the greens SPG in the first place.

  2. ...or, they know the reputation and, being scrupulous and wise, chose to ignore his attempt to poison another well.

  3. It has been widely known throughout the golf community what a sweetheart contract Mr. Glanton was given by the City of Rifchardson twenty eight years ago.

    For almost five years, since being provided with a report questioning the excessiveness of Mr. Glanton's comensation in that contract, the City maintained there was no reason to do so, and refused to change anything in that contract, despite very valid reasons they should. Then Sherrill Park's losses started, and cash transfers from the General Fund had to be made.

    In 2010, because Course one's greens finally reached such dismal shape, business plunged causing a six figure cash transfer from the General Fund. The City blamed the greens' conditions on weather and faulty application of an insecticide.

    The USGA, called in by the City to investigate what caused the greens failure said while weather conditions played a small part, and there was no evidence of insecticide damage, the failure of the greens were due to "years of improper greens maitenance." Who oversees and provides greens' maitenance? Ronny Glanton and his staff.

    In the private sector, thase who were responsible for causing such a six figure loss would be fired.
    In Richardson, however, one of the principal goals of "improving" the golf situation was that Mr. Glanton be retained to manage the course, and the structure of any new arrangement should be done around Mr. Glanton's "proven skills."

    While the new management contract limits Mr. Glanton to a supposed maximum of $200,000 in salary with the possibility of an additional $25,000, course revenues still pay for many of Mr. Glanton's personal expenses approaching as close as can be determined, to over $100,000yearly.
    That Mr. Glanton's new contract still is extremely favorable to him is proven by management's comment "Of course, these contract terms only apply to the current contractor, they would not be applicable to any other person or entity."

    During the time this arrangement was being looked at, with the help of an expensive outside consultant, Mr. Glanton may have felt uncomfortable, and so applied for the recently available head pro job at Royal Oaks Country Club. Apparently however, the vaunted esteem with which he is and has been held by Richardson City management and the Richardson City Council did not extend to the reality of his value in the open market for golf pros - Mr. Glanton did not receive the Royal Oaks job - it went to Brad Larson, a former assistant pro at Bent Tree Ccountry Club.

    Guess that means Sherrill Park will have him until he retires, which retirement should be very comfortable, considering how much Sherrill Park revenue he has revceived over the last 28 years.

  4. Glanton retire? Ha! He is already sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, sucking down drinks in the sun. Most people call that retirement. That's his job. Richardson citizens are the suckers who pay for this lifestyle. Meanwhile, our municipal golf course and the citizens of Richardson are the laughing stock of the corporate neighborhood. What a joke we have become!

  5. Cannot believe the city gave him another contract. He sucks all the cash out of sherrill, whenever asked about his compensation he claims he makes 330k, but that always leaves @500k unaccounted for. Remember glanton running and hiding in his office when channel 11 news wanted to ask about his compensation. Staff ruins the greens, this has gone on for years. Covers up the cheating of customers in their monthly tournaments. Ntpga allows him to change his story about cheating so he can remain a pro.
    Did Ronny really believe he could fill Randy Smiths shoes?
    This guys in fantasy land.