Monday, January 14, 2013

Mayoral Campaign – Some Little Things – Behind the Scenes

The next mayor will probably be elected due to the little things they do, or do not do. While the big things matter, the little things will probably matter more.

It seems Amir Omar is taking a much more personal route is most everything he is doing concerning election. He is working hard and it shows. The more personal the connection a candidate make to the electorate, the better their chances at winning.

It seems those who have endorsed, supported or given money to Amir have gotten thank you note in which Amir expresses his gratitude for their help. That type of activity will is making those personal connections and will increase the likelihood that he will be elected as our new mayor.

On the other hand, it seems those little things might be missing from his opponent, or at least I have not heard of them happening.

In an interesting twist, about a week ago I was talking to someone who said that our local kingmaker (Chuckie Eisemann) and our former mayor (the Slag) had a meeting with Amir, back in December, in which they tried to convince him to drop out of the mayor’s race. Their plan seems to have been to get Hartley to abandon his at-large seat, go to the place 4 seat, and then not run an opponent against Amir in the at-large seat. Gotta love the behind the scenes action is Richardson politics.

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  1. Good ole boys will be good ole boys. Hopefully they won't get away with it very much longer.