Friday, December 14, 2012

Laura Gets Another Vote for Mayor

This morning at work I looked out the window at a person walking up the sidewalk and thought to myself “That looks like Laura Maczka”. After another few steps I thought, "By golly, that is Laura Maczka”. Who would have though and what are the chances?

It seems she had a little car problem that was easily resolved. Afterwards, we sat down inside the office and started yacking it up, some politics, but mostly just general stuff. I haven’t talked to her all that much over the last few years, and none before that. We had a good conversation.

In the office was someone else at the same time, a guy named Gary. He was sitting around waiting for his vehicle to get done and joined in on the conversation as well. All in all it was a very pleasant time. But there was a problem: Ford had sold Gary a defective part and he needed to go back to Ford and get a good part. Gary couldn’t take his truck as it was sitting there in pieces and I offered to get him a ride home so he could get his other truck and do the running around.

Since he and Laura live in the same neighborhood, Laura offered to give him a ride home. After he came back, he said “I am voting for her”. Apparently she made a very good impression on him. So, Laura now has one more vote for mayor and in the process another citizen got to meet and yack it up with a councilmember. It was a good morning for all involved.

I have no idea if Gary would have voted for Amir or Laura before talking to her and her help with a ride home, or if he would have voted at all. But the more the councilmember honestly interact with the citizens, the better their chances of winning a seat. The more the citizens talk to each candidate running for the same seat, makes it more likely that they will make more informed and better choices on Election Day. Too bad Amir didn’t have car problems at the same time, same place and get stranded too. Then they both could have yacked it up with Gary.


  1. A couple weeks after the trees were put in by Cisco in the Renner median, one of the trees had pulled out its braces and fallen over. I was driving by and saw Amir stop his car on the road and run over to fix it. And in the middle of the day I'm about the only person who was there to see it. I have to admit I was impressed at him walking the walk, when it would have been easy to ignore and an average citizen would have felt good for merely calling it in.

  2. Very good point Scott, and it does not surprise me to hear that about Amir. This is the first year I can remember where voting in one race/seat will really be a tough choice. I think that Richardson will be well served with either of the two for mayor. Thanks for speaking up and posting.

  3. They both suck. Too bad our citizens are so out of touch. In my experience, when they figure it out, they move. People can be nice, but have their own agenda; and both of these candidates do.
    If there is a decnt political candidate, it is time for him/her to stand up. Otherwise it is over for the city no matter which of these two bozos win. Remember what townsend said about white flight.

  4. They may be both nice people, but I would rather have Jim Shepherd as Mayor. He is qualified and knowledgeable and is not afraid to stand up to do what is best for the citizens.