Monday, November 5, 2012

Richardson Public LIbrary Endorses "NO" to Election of the Mayor

Apparently the Richardson Public Library is endorsing the "NO" position on the election of the Richardson Mayor. The staff at the library appears to have put the OK for anti-election of the mayor literature on the library grounds. The literature referred to the propaganda on the local rumorcheck blog.

Isn't Wild Bill on the some group associated with the library? Just wondering, but could he be behind the posting of the propaganda? They appear to be very desperate. Kind of make a person want to laugh at how nutty their actions are.

Funny Update about pushing buttons:
Really? It takes 1298 words to 92 words? It just keep getting funnier!


  1. I suppose wild BJ is going to try to tell us that using the trappings of office to promote a political agenda is perfectly ethical. Well, maybe by his code of ethics it is. I wonder how long the pro direct election of the mayor campaign materials would last on location.

    Oh, how biased is the city's postings on the issue?

  2. Good grief. He has lost it.

  3. Talked to some folks at the library about this yesterday. They said they did not put this sign up or approve it. The sign was stuck up on the outside of the building. They said policy does not allow for posting of political flyers and whether it was pro or con, it would have been taken down when it was discovered or pointed out to them.

    Did the writer of this blog article check with anyone at the library before accepting the story that they were involved as described?

  4. Anon 10:47

    Nope, I didn't check with the folks at the library. That is why I was intentionally ambiguous.

    And, I didn't dig to find out if Wild Bill was involved. It is called a "tongue in cheek" statement, teasing, or some call it "pushing buttons". Wild Bill's buttons are very easy to push and his reaction are very amusing. 1298 words to 92.

    And, if you don't get it, then OK.