Monday, November 19, 2012

No Richardson Coalition Webpage? Could be a Sign of Good Things to Come to Richardson!

It seem the Richardson Coalition webpage is history,

One can only hope the folks of the Richardson Coalition will disappear quietly into the night also. They have bloodied Richardson politics with their actions against some fine and decent people. I can still remember good ole Chuckie Eisemann following John D. around at meetings, watching who he talked to, and then as soon as John let that person, Chickie would run over to the person and then proceed to trash talk John.

So here is to hoping that we can finally wish the coalition folks good riddance.


  1. Richardson could not be lucky enough for the wanna-be puppet masters to go away. Ego will not let them.

  2. Be careful and do not discount the conniving capabilities of this gang of hoodlums. They are not finished. The Coalitionist Party is either restructuring for their next assault, or they are going after a different target. Where their ugly heads will rise next is anybody's guess. Care to speculate?

  3. Back on line and scrubbed of any reference to their attempt to thwart the charter change to direct election of the mayor.

    They are to be commended for their expert propaganda machine. Reading through the new front page rhetoric, I almost proposed marriage.

    Adept at skillful deception, they are!

    The Coalitionist Party rules!