Monday, November 5, 2012

FINALLY!! A Member of the Council Steps Forward...

... and shows some leadership. All other council members have publicly remain silent, with the exception of Scott Dunn who loudly proclaim he was AGAINST giving the people of Richardson the right to have a say, by election, who the mayor should be. But, that really isn't surprising.

Amir writes:

"The ballot initiative is pretty straight forward. After careful review, your city council and city attorney took the time to make sure the language on the ballot was as descriptive and accurate as possible. This initiative does not change all the things you love about Richardson, it does not change how well run our City is, and it doesn't even give the Mayor any more power than the position has today...

 ... The real question you will be deciding is: Would you prefer having the right to vote for your own Mayor directly, or do you prefer someone else (the council) making the decision for you?

Ultimately, this is your vote. Don't allow others to make the choice for you. The language is clear on the ballot. Take your time, read the wording on the ballot, and make the choice that reflects your opinion. Regardless where you land on that question, be sure to vote. Exercising this democratic right is one of the things makes our Country special!"

The nonsense and useless noise from Wild Bill and the Richardson Coalition should be ignored and recognized for what it is, a load of B.S., unless you are one of the sheep of Richardson who like to be thoughtlessly led around by your nose and manipulated.

Leadership, at last, from someone on the city council! Come the next election, maybe the people of Richardson will remember who leads, and who sits by doing nothing.


  1. Well it is not a democratic right. Texas is a republic. but it is a Constitutional right we all hold.

  2. He stepped forward a long time ago..only anomously.