Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not the Way it Was, But How it Should Have Been

"It’s in our best interests that we do Charter review the right way...the open, above-board, and transparent way." Willy McCalpin.

I agree. That is the way it should have been done.

But, what should be expected to happen when the current city council refuses to have a charter review commission or even seriously look into charter changes that were talked about in previous municipal election forums? Should the citizens of Richardson just sit back and let the council continue to ignore needed changes of the charter?

During the campaign for the last municipal elections, all city council members were in favor of a charter review. When it came time to put action behind their promised, they voted against it by a vote of 6-1 and 5-2.

When the city council does not take action it is up to citizens to take action. The citizens did end up taking action. That is the way it should happen when the city council refused to perform its responsibilities.

It is a "We, the people..." kind of thing.


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  1. Willy, it should have been done in 2007, but the Council was in a hurry. It should have been done in Feb of this year, but the Council was too busy. Do you think there really is a good time?