Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Robo-Call About Direct Election

Seems there is another set of robo-calls going out. The Richardson Fire Department Richardson Fire Department PAC put together a robo-call about the direct election of the mayor issue.

They are in favor of having direct election of the Richardson mayor. Good for them in standing up on this issue!

Also worth mentioning is that over 13,000 people have already voted in early voting during the first week. Probably more than 50% of registered voters will vote in this election.

Perhaps, in the future, the council will make a charter review a priority rather than making the choice to ignore what the citizens have asked for time and again. But then on the other hand, if they had voted for looking into a charter review, this issue would not have been on the ballot. It make a person wonder where the leadership from the city council during this cycle has been hidden because it sure is not present at city hall.


  1. Lets be precise.
    Is it the Richardson Fire Department or is it an outside organization, unaffiliated with the City, that some or most RPD firefighters belong to?

  2. DMN: "In July, the Richardson Fire Fighters Association’s political action committee donated $1,000 to North’s organization. Noel Saldivar, director of the firefighters’ PAC, said their support is about positive change for the city."

    Looks to be Fire Fighters of Richardson who are members of a PAC they created.

    But, correctly point out the need for a change in wording on my part. Thank you.

  3. Is it any surprise the Richardson Police Department rank & file has been exploring unionization? With management being so self-absorbed and willing to skew compensation to their benefit, our boys and girls in blue get short changed. And, get dumped on when they complain. Firefighters were compelled to go union because of this kind of management. It's a pity we have to take such actions to keep selfish and greedy people in check.