Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Richardson Coalition Called Out - Anti-Open Government and Anti-Transparency Group

Maybe some people will finally see and realize the true colors of the Richardson Coalition.

"Exactly why the Richardson Coalition really opposes more open, honest and transparent government is a mystery, but one can assume it has mostly to do with keeping power in as few hands as possible."
EmpowerTexans, Michael Quinn Sullivan,

He cut to the chase, those behind the scenes power brokers in Richardson do not want to risk giving up their control, especially when it comes to the Richardson residents ability to choose for themselves.

I am just wondering, how those involved with the Richardson Coalition now feel after having been called out and shown to be an anti-open government, anti-transparency PAC concerned only about  their own self-interest by one of the leading conservative voices in Texas?


  1. What a pickle. How will the RC make the argument that citizen shouldn't have the right to elect their own mayor. And to top that off, a conservative big wig outting them as wanting what is definately not conservative, the people's will and right to vote.

  2. It will be a grand old day when the citizen of Richardson finally realize how some fine men can end so very corrupt, collectively, by their actions as members and supporters of the Richardson Coalition. I long for that day.