Tuesday, October 18, 2016

History in Richardson Some May Not Know About - From Cynthia

Guest writer Cynthia Saxiones has taken the time to learn about some of the history in Richardson and its historical landmarks. This is the first in a series of places in Richardson that have historical significance.  


Richardson has been a sleepy little town that people moved to because they were tired of the hustle and bustle of City life. The residents of Richardson liked that they were close enough to the city, but far enough away to enjoy the quiet Richardson has to offer.


Main Street Richardson always made new comers smile, "so these type of buildings did exist, and not just on TV". It was a wonderful City, Vegetable gardens, talk about lawns, trees, bushes, and how absurd the City Council has always been. But as long as the City Council left the residents alone, they didn't matter.


That's why it was no surprise to me when I found out that the Elected City Council has absolutely no power at all. The real decision making powers belong to the City Manager and the City Attorney, and the greed that followed behind the election of ex-Mayor Laura Macska, and her appointments of the current City Manager and the City Attorney.


Now, why would any law abiding citizen make a contract with a builder who is under Federal Indictment? They don't know how to use Dictionary.com, so they never found out what the meaning of the word indictment. Now this same group of intelligent voids decides that there aren't any Historical markers in Richardson.


So the first thing they do is remove the McKamy home. Who are the McKamy's you might ask. Well, Mr. McKamy was the first Mayor of the City of Richardson. You may remember the home, it had a 3/4 porch 2-3 stories high. But it was in the way of a new investment for the City of Richardson, the Brick Row Townhomes. What a bust that turned out to be! Go onto any real estate site you choose, and you will find those Brick Row Homes for sale, for over a year, or for rent. But, at least they got rid of that old McKamy house, it's old and ugly.


The City lost its shirt on that deal. But then they made up an historical marker, The McKamy NATURAL springs. What a hoot! On the historical marker there are tribes such as the Seminoles, Cherokee, and others who would stop for water there. Not even close. The Seminoles never left Florida, the Cherokees were a part of the "Trail of Tears" where the U.S government removed all Native Americans from the East Cast to what was called "Indian Territory" aka Oklahoma.


The Cherokees were from Georgia, and Texas isn't Oklahoma. In fact there were only 2 Native American Tribes, the Tejas and the Caddos. And then there's that natural spring! Go look at it; a natural spring does not pop up, as if there was a pump, getting the water out. This being Farming land, you only have to dig about 4-5 feet to find well water. And that's exactly what was done, because the ex-Mayor, the City Attorney and the City Manager are certain that no one would know the difference. OOOPPPSS!


The City of Richardson no longer has the ex-Mayor; however the City attorney and the City manager are still working for the City. The ex-mayor is under FBI investigation, JP Builders are under an indictment, so when the City Attorney and Manager go under investigation, I refuse to pay one cent towards their defense. What they did was a violation of the law and they knew it, everyone else can pay their legal fees and leave the City Broke, but I will have nothing to do with it.

Just out of curiosity, why are people like the Sweden Family such a force in Richardson? They moved here in the 1970s, they are not part of any family that made Richardson what is was prior to all these illegal contracts. Is there anyone who can see a group of blow-hards, this area was never know for sheep, but you really can't say the same today, now can you?

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