Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Better Ways to Spend Taxpayer Funds

I hope everyone is aware of the fact that the City of Richardson's Planning and Development Commissions have only used a little more than 3/4 of an acre of land, on a corner, that you will probably miss if you didn't know it was there, for a Veterans Memorial. This is completely and totally unacceptable. I would bet that if there was a full and complete research done on all the people who make up the City Council, Development Services, and the Planning Commission, that not one of them gave anything to their country. Why, you might ask, because there's no profit in it, or their unfit, like Donald Trump who somehow got out of going to Vietnam.
But here's the real kick in the head, according to the City of Richardson's Civil Service Rules and Regulations, Revised 7/19/2014, Section 81. MILITARY SERVICES: "If the absence from employment due to the service is more than 30 days, the employee must submit an application for reemployment within 14 days from the completion of the period of service....failure to report to work or apply for reemployment as provided....shall be grounds for suspension, demotion or dismissal."
Not only does the City of Richardson not hold a person's position to serve their country, without any restrictions, as other private corporations have done, there's a threat if you do serve your country. And to rub salt into an open wound, there are no "Reflective Areas of Open Space" for our own people who service and sacrificed their blood and lives for this country, so that the "Fat Cats" holding appointed positions can get fatter.


This is a complete disgrace on the City of Richardson, its residents, but especially on those who are supposed to be spending our tax dollars in appropriate manners, not wasting money on failed, loss of money projects as they have been doing.
Get rid of the Historical Main Street because they have 1 business who has committed to move to Richardson.
Go By Spring Valley, there are 6 vacant business locations there, and 2 of the business that agreed to move in there, opened up their businesses at Beltline and Plano Rd. Why??? The rent was less.
Who would have thought of that for a reason to move some place other than these overly priced vacant business spaces.


Now, there is even more reason to go to City Council meetings. For example, Public Hearing, Zoning File 16-19, was for an Amusement Arcade to serve liquor and stay open later. Not a big deal, the number of people for this item in favor of this hear item,9, but only 3 lived in Richardson.
What's wrong with this picture? Then under this same Zoning Hearing comes the Action Items. These Action items are to take money from the Hotel/motel taxes and give it to the Wonderful, Light of the Arts, the Eisemann Center. The City Council needs to take $360,000.00 to help pay all the artistic troupes that perform at the Eisemann Center.
There's this huge problem with the Eisemann Center, whoever designed this major Arts Attraction had no idea as to how much stage would be needed for theatrical artists to perform, or how many seats would need to be sold, just to break even. Now, I am certain all of these hundreds of thousands of dollars could be used for a much better purpose, like appreciating Richardson's Historical past, Park dedicated to show our gratitude towards our valiant Veterans, who fought and died for our freedom. But no, all this money must be used to fix yet and still another planning disaster, which was hidden in a zoning SNAFU! I believe that's a military word which sums up everything that the bobble heads have agreed to do because the City Manager and the City Attorney are out of control spending our tax dollars. Yes, both of these people were hired and involved in another development disaster, the Breckenridge Development. Both of these people will get their time in Court, and who do they expect to pay for their legal expenses, the people of Richardson. The Mayor of Richardson Could Terminate these two, the same way they would terminate a veteran, but for whatever the reason, there they are, wasting more of our money. Have a great day. Cynthia Saxiones

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